WATCH – Students Accused of Beating Nine-Year-Old on Florida School Bus: ‘Disgusting and Shameful’

A school bus is seen during a safety event for children at Trailside Middle School, in Ash
PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images

Two students have been accused of beating a nine-year-old on a school bus in Homestead, Florida.

Video footage shows two boys apparently hitting the girl while she tries to protect herself, Fox News reported on Friday, adding no young people or adults intervened.

In the clip, yelling is heard as the person recording keeps the camera on the school bus ceiling. When the yelling intensifies, the camera turns and shows a boy in a maroon-colored shirt allegedly hitting a girl wearing a white top.

Moments later, a boy wearing a black hoodie appears to bend over the girl and hit her repeatedly in the head:


The alleged victim’s mother reportedly said she is pressing charges against Coconut Palm K-8 Academy and is also pursuing criminal charges against the suspects.

Social media users were quick to respond to the clip, one person writing, “This is what happens when there is zero fear of any repercussions.”

“Our civilization has definitely deteriorated since neither the bus driver nor any of the other older children intervened. This is truly disgusting and shameful,” another replied.

It was reportedly not the first time the mother was told about her children becoming victims of bullying in connection with school.

She said there had previously been issues with her son and other children on the bus, in the cafeteria, and during dismissal.

She recalled, “I already drew the line, and I was also on phone with the district – I spoke with someone from the district – and the only thing they could advise me of was to continue to speak with the principal and pull up a bully report.”

Following the incident, Miami-Dade County Public Schools announced its police arrested the offender, who would be charged accordingly:

Additionally, those involved will be disciplined according to the Code of Student Conduct. The safety and wellbeing of our students is of the utmost importance. This school district goes to great lengths to promote the values of restraint and respect as well as using social media responsibly. We ask that parents reinforce these principles at home.

Meanwhile, crime among juveniles increased across the nation in the wake of coronavirus pandemic-related school shutdowns in 2020, according to a recent report.


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