Canadian Special Needs Teacher Fired over OnlyFans Page

Instagram/Miss Ava James
Instagram/Miss Ava James

A special needs teaching assistant in British Columbia, Canada, was fired after her OnlyFans account was discovered and she was told to close it down.

On April 28, Kristin McDonald got an email from School District 43 which told her to shut down all of her accounts related to the persona called “Ava James,” Fox News reported Saturday.

The woman used the name online and for her OnlyFans account, which is a website described as featuring adult content.

“I was advised to deactivate all Ava James social media platforms immediately, including [Instagram], TikTok and OnlyFans, or possibly be terminated. I did not comply,” McDonald explained.

The outlet noted she was fired on June 16, however, the woman claims she did not know how officials found the account but noted there were rumors circulating that a student complained about some of the content.

An Instagram account titled “Miss Ava James” shows numerous photos of a person who appears to be the 35-year-old woman wearing revealing outfits.

“Your misconduct in this matter is egregious,” a termination letter from a district assistant superintendent read and cited several reasons for firing the woman, CBC reported Tuesday.

Meanwhile, district rules feature an agreement with a clause citing “off-duty conduct being ‘appropriate,'” the Fox report continued:

The school district called her conduct “egregious” and listed half a dozen reasons for her termination, including posting material that “involves the sexualization of the school environment” and that she allegedly disparaged the district in media interviews, during which she also linked her job and side-hustle and capitalized on the links between her jobs to make more money.

However, McDonald feels she should be able to do anything she wants as long as it is not against the law.

Her school position apparently did not pay enough, therefore, she had to search elsewhere to make more money.

In addition, the district reportedly subscribed to the woman’s OnlyFans account, and she claimed to have emailed screenshots from the account the district sent to herself, the union, and Human Resources, “meaning I have proof that the school used taxpayers’ money to subscribe to my OnlyFans.”

Now, she hopes to get her job back after earning a college degree to get the position.

In November, a similar instance happened when an Arizona teacher lost her job after students found her OnlyFans content, and the site reportedly blocked her from using the platform.


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