Report: Teacher Who Lost Job Due to OnlyFans Videos Blocked from Platform

Samantha Peer

An Arizona teacher who lost her job once students discovered her OnlyFans videos has reportedly been blocked from using the porn website, according to Fox News.

Former Thunderbolt Middle School teacher Samantha Peer resigned when school district officials were alerted to her OnlyFans account.

In addition, her husband, a fourth grade teacher named Dillon Peer, was fired from his position. He was reportedly featured on the explicit account and she allegedly posted the material on sites such as Reddit.

“The Lake Havasu City Police Department said it investigated an anonymous tip about a Thunderbolt teacher engaging in pornography, and some of the images depicted her in a classroom-type setting,” according to the Fox report.

Authorities said the images were “presumably” on school grounds and they opened an investigation into the matter.

Before she stepped down, Peer claimed her old TikTok account was banned and told Twitter followers the site where she posted videos had blocked her.

“So, it seems OnlyFans deactivated both accounts (refunded all customers/subscribers) and is blocking me from making accounts,” she explained.

OnlyFans is a popular site with users such as Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who long posed as a black woman, and Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards’ 18-year-old daughter, who joined the site this year, according to Breitbart News.

The platform is best known for featuring X-rated content.

Per the Fox report, OnlyFans prohibits sexual content being created in a public setting and those who break the rules can be banned from the site.

After her story gained attention, Peer said she made the content for extra money because her and her husband’s salaries were not enough. She also claimed when she set up the account with an alias and blocked users in the state from accessing it.

She later called it a mistake, adding, “I’ve never defended myself saying that it was an okay thing to do. Looking back at it, I would never do that again. But I am a person and I do make mistakes, too.”


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