Watch: Local Moms Campaign to Tear Down Explicit Main Street OnlyFans Model Billboard

Twitter / @CollectiveShout / Getty Images

An explicit billboard advertising the services of a local OnlyFans model dominating Main Street of a Perth suburb has pushed local mothers into action, who say it is wildly inappropriate for passing children.

A mother in Osborne Park, a suburb of Perth Australia has launched a billboard against a “massive” billboard advertising the content of a local woman’s OnlyFans account after her attempts to get the material taken down by the local government failed.

Complaints against the billboard are not just at the immediately sexualised nature of the image, but also that the hoarding is dominated by a large QC code which can be scanned by any mobile device and takes users directly to the landing page of the adult content page in question, and without age verification.

Local group Collective Shout is organising against the billboard, with campaigner and local mother Lyn Kennedy saying, per Perth Now: “Trying hard to raise my children to respect women and limit their exposure to sexualised imagery and porn is not easy when you still see pornified portrayals of women everywhere — even in public spaces… A QR code on the billboard took me directly to the account — no proof of age required — where I saw a list of explicit pornographic acts for sale.”

Collective Shout says their application to the local government to protect young people from public pornography was rejected because the billboard is on private property, and that their complaint with the advertising standards office could take weeks or months to resolve. They have also claimed the OnlyFans model who paid for the billboard has expressed her intent to buy advertising space in other cities.

The group has launched a petition addressed to the landowner which has so far gained over 4,000 signatures.

The billboard has become something of a running battle in the city in recent weeks, with the OnlyFans model creating her own petition in favour of the giant advert, and has insisted that “The content in the billboard is not in any way explicit… Children are not impacted at all by the billboard. This is a simple photo of a woman in a bikini at the beach.”


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