Ground Zero Mosque: Russell Simmons Fears Debate



So at that bug lamp for bozos known as the Huffington Post, media mogul Russell Simmons says opposition to the mosque being built near Ground Zero amounts to bigotry, or more specifically, Islamophobia.

He writes:

…in my backyard, I have no tolerance for a new fear-mongering, hateful rhetoric that has sprung up over the proposed …center ….we know that we must fight Antisemitism and Islamaphobia together ….Let us pass this test with grace and dignity. As I will not stand for any sort of Islamaphobia in my backyard.

Now, this is a key point – because, like Simmons, I also think fear of Islam plays a role. But the fear lurks within folks like Simmons who fear ticking off Islam, or worse – looking intolerant.

And also – it’s a fear of debate. Rather than argue against my point that it’s simply obnoxious to build the mosque, they’d rather reflexively belch “race!”



Like I said before, I’m totally tolerant, and if they want to build the thing, go for it. But just realize if you do, you’re a jerk.

Look, I had three older sisters growing up, and I did a lot of things to them that were perfectly legal, but highly irritating. No court could convict me, but I was being a weenie. And i knew I was being a weenie.

And so while the folks behind this mosque aren’t breaking any laws, they’re just being weenies. They know their actions are antagonistic, but they’re gunna do it anyway.

So, by pointing that out, does it make me a bigot?

To Russell, yes. But if he actually listened to the people who were upset, he’d see it has nothing to do with “Islamophobia,” just good manners.

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobe who won’t let me marry my dog.


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