Exclusive Audio: Targeting Kids With 'Captain Planet' Enviro-Propaganda


Via Wikipedia:

Captain Planet and the Planeteers is an American animated environmentalist television program, based on an idea by Ted Turner and Robert Larkin III.[2][3] The show was produced by Andy Heyward, Robby London, Barbara Pyle and Nicholas Boxer. The series was developed and co-produced by Turner Program Services along with the partnership of DiC Entertainment and ran new episodes from September 15, 1990 until December 5, 1992. A sequel series, The New Adventures of Captain Planet, ran for three seasons and was produced by Turner Broadcasting and then-corporate sibling Hanna-Barbera Productions. Both programs continue today in syndication.[4]

The program is a form of edutainment and advocates environmentalism.

On Andy Heyward:

Andrew Heyward could tell you. He could also locate Waldo, Beany and Cecile, Inspector Gadget, Madeline, the Real Ghostbusters, Heathcliff, G.I. Joe, Gadget Boy, Dennis the Menace, ALF, Captain Planet, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Bill and Ted. Andy Heyward’s excellent adventure began at UCLA and he Scooby-Dooed through Bedrock, writing and directing many Hanna-Barbera animated classics, including The Flinstones. Currently he is the chairman and CEO of DIC (pronounced “deek”) Entertainment, producers of child content for the worldwide market. Producers of more than 3,000 half-hours of animation, Andy’s company now independently owns the second largest library of American animation in the world. Captain Planet was the first environmental superhero and raised the environmental consciousness of an entire generation of kids.


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