Why Did Weiner Screw Himself?

[Ed. Note: This is a Friday Gregalogue]

Yeah, seems old, just three days ago….

So buried in a recent Politico article, is this tidbit about Congressman Weiner.

“Two people who spoke to him privately said he had suggested that, as one said, “he took or sent a photo or photos like this

at some point – but in this case actually was hacked/set up, perhaps with a posting of one of his own photos or something very similar.”

Okay, that’s an admission.

And it’s coming from someone who spoke to Weiner, meaning Weiner wanted it out there – a trial balloon to end the junk about his junk.

It may be too late.

But Weiner can look on the bright side.

With so many recent scandals, he must ask himself, was his boner that bad?

Lets play a game I like to call “who would you rather be?”

A: a married Republican congressman caught posting swinger ads on Craigs List?

B: a married Republican congressman caught tapping his feet in an airport men’s room?

C: a married Republican Governor mired in extramarital affairs, one that results in a secret love child?

D: a Democratic Governor busted with hookers, who now has a show on CNN

E. a Democratic Presidential candidate, who cheated on his dying wife, and tried to cover it up?

F: a sleazy French socialist with a penchant for assaulting the help?

G: a sleazy French politician who frequents Moroccan boy orgies?

Or… A guy with a picture of his junk on his phone?

Maybe I’m jaded, but why did Weiner panic over the pic?

If he just said, “the pic was mine and I accidentally sent it” – this thing would be over.

But instead, he strung it out like popcorn on a Christmas tree.

And I thank him.

We’ve done four shows on it!

So why did HE screw himself?


He’s an idiot who refused to confess his idiocy.

I know – as a fool – my survival requires confessing i’m a fool.

But, for Weiner. It’s too late to cop to an obvious error.

Occam’s razor has become a samarai sword – which he may fall on, sooner than later.

And if you disagree with me you’re a racist homophobe.


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