Andy Levy

Why Did Weiner Screw Himself?

[Ed. Note: This is a Friday Gregalogue] Yeah, seems old, just three days ago…. So buried in a recent Politico article, is this tidbit about Congressman Weiner. “Two people who spoke to him privately said he had suggested that, as

Daily Gut: Hey PETA, This Is How to Hold a Kitten

This week, Kim Kardashian became the butt of criticism over a picture she posted of herself holding a cat, on Twitter. Apparently the oversized peach on stilts grabbed the cat by the scruff of its neck, and this raised concern

Daily Gut: Nice People Are Dangerous

The great thing about a-holes, is you can see them coming. Whether it’s Sean Penn or Jeanine Garafalo calling you a racist or wishing you dead – their essential douchebaggery makes them easy to spot and harmless. Their inanities should

Best of 'The Stage Right Show': Feb 1 – Feb 5

On this week’s highlight show, we start with the hilarious”feud” between Andrew Breitbart and “TV’s Andy Levy” from Fox News’ “Red Eye” that began on Twitter and ended up on “The Stage Right Show.” They were arguing about Ben Shapiro’s

What Was That About The 'Burbs?

As you probably know, “Revolutionary Road,” was basically a Communist attack on middle-class life in the suburbs. Because, you know, we should all live in overcrowded, high-crime urban centers, where rent- and gun-control and high taxes rule all. We get