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Mr. Mission Impossible: Bill Maher


Bill Maher’s mainly Liberal audience and their joy in The Weiner Transmissions, read verbatim by Bill Maher and Jane Lynch, made its point: “Who are you, conservative Americans, to look down on a couple of people just trying to have fun in their lives?!”

It’s a boldly persuasive way to tear down some chronic hypocrisies and get the stick-in-the-muds trained to loosen up their television fare:

“Gee … if you can talk dirty on major television

and the audience enjoys it,

why can’t we hear stuff like this more often!”

The performances of Maher and Lynch would hardly “cop a gold” at the Academy Awards. They read the pornographic copy like two anchors on a small town News Program reading the yearly plug for a Masonic Charity Ball.

Of course, that was the comic “hook” and, for the most part, it worked.

“How ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm,

after they’ve seen Bill Maher?!”

That is only part of the comedian’s seemingly Libertarian appeal: no one refuses to take “no” for an answer with more steam-rolling charm than Bill Maher.

All mounted upon Bill Maher’s commitment to addict America to atheism, The Maher Transmissions know the cajones it will take to tear away what Maher hates most: God and the very idea of an Almighty.

With Bill Maher we’re dealing with a fiercely fit and funny Lenny Bruce not on drugs. Not to mention an audience that has been trained for many months to sit up and love absolutely everything Bill Maher has to sell:

“People are stupid …”

There are obviously some Maher lines that not even Bill Maher likes … but the audience laughs anyway.


“Even Bill Maher’s fans are stupid … SOMETIMES!”


Until Americans surrender to Marx and his atheism, they’re stupid.

… and I’m not afraid to say that European socialism works!”

That confession was inspired by the equally tenacious Andrew Breitbart.

Not to mention an “assist” for Andrew from the irresistibly bright and beautiful Amy Holmes.

Does Maher, indeed, have a hidden agenda behind all that Free-Thinking Atheism?


He’s now an admitted Socialist.

Is he, in fact, a Communist “sleeper”?

Is he the Bill Clinton of American comedy?


Bill Maher is an atheist first and a Socialist insult comedian second.

That is his religion.


That makes him a sitting duck for the now Marxist hegemony that owns both the White House and the entire Democratic Party.

When I first met Bill Maher in 1994 he was writing open confessions in what I think was Playboy magazine … or Hustler … about being unsure of his political positions.

At that time he was not a raving atheist … or he simply wasn’t raving.

He was a quick-witted comedian who I subsequently learned, during a night out on the town with he and Arianna Huffington in New Orleans, was born with the feet of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. One helluva dancer, which might explain his impeccable comic timing.

At any rate, I’ve been trying to figure this all out about Bill Maher, this rabid commitment to overturning roughly five thousand years of Judeo-Christianity.

He likes a big challenge!

That’s about all I can accept.

He is Mission Impossible!!

Why then is Andrew Breitbart, a conservative, also an atheist?

Their shared disbelief in God is perhaps why Andrew was invited on, despite all the indignation from some of Maher’s fans.

Bill and Andrew admire each other’s courage.

It takes megacajones to not only stand alone but to do it in a major public arena.

I had my ten minutes of courage with the Clinton administration, lost completely and became an editorialist as a result, still fighting the good fight but not on the television stages of the world.

I can honestly say that both Andrew Breitbart and Bill Maher make me very proud of American individual freedom.

As for their separate Missions Impossible: Bill Maher’s to make America atheist and Andrew’s to turn Hollywood to the Right?

My money’s on Andrew.


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