Hollywood Celebrates New York Same-Sex Marriage Ruling


Hollywood Reporter:

The New York State Senate passed a bill legalizing gay marriage late Friday in a 32-29 vote, and many in Hollywood immediately took to Twitter to applaud the news.

“Tonight we’re all New Yorkers! Straight & gay alike, let’s all celebrate marriage equality,” tweeted Kathy Griffin. “The right side of history!”

“Marriage equality…. vote yes,” added Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin’s It’s Complicated co-star Steve Martin tweeted to him: “Alec! Now we can get married!” To which Baldwin responded: “Ok. But if you play that effing banjo after eleven o’clock….”

Tweeted Shannon Elizabeth: “Congrats to NY!!!! I just heard gay marriage passed 30 minutes ago-yayayay!!!!!!”

Wrote Alyssa Milano: “Way to go, New York. One people. One planet. One love. #Equality4All”

Actress Elizabeth Banks weighed in: “Party on Christopher Street! Wish I was there. Congrats New York. #terroristsdidnotwin”

Lindsay Lohan praised the state’s governor: “Nice work to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.”

Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan said the West Coast should follow New York’s lead: “Way to go, NY. Time to catch up, California.”

“Congratulations to humanity,” chimed in Jason Alexander. “And particularly to the NY State Senate. I promise you have advanced mankind, not ruined it. Blessings.”

And Julie Benz (Dexter) added: “Congratulations NY on gay marriage!! Finally!!! I will gorge myself tonight in celebration!!”

Some gay celebrities also cheered the move, including former ‘N Sync-er Lance Bass: “BIG BIG DAY FOR OUR FAMILIES 33-29 it passed!!!! Now lets educate people and make sure we make them feel comfortable with why this happened!”

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