Sarah Palin 'is' America!


Barack Obama’s reelection is of primary importance to the Hollywood Left , therefore things of major Leftist import are on a bit of a hold.

Firey visionaries of The Progressive New World Order are scheduled for casting their Hollywood scripts post-election lest the unthinkable happen and Sarah Palin become the 45th President of the United States.

It is actually an infuriating time for Hollywood because of the “Wait” and “The Hold”.

Since massive amounts of money are involved, the second stage of the Obama Nation really can’t explode until The Man is back in office.

Educating Americans can be so laborious at times.


Because, as that Marxist Point Man, Bill Maher, says, “They’re stupid!”

These obstacles to Obamacare and our President’s even more revolutionary plans for American energy?

They’re stalled under Congressional challenges and the slim but terrifying possibility that The Man might not be reelected after all.

There is talk of a Hillary-Clinton-Challenge to Obama’s certain candidacy.

Another 1968?

Obama will run. That is for certain. He’s no Lyndon B. Johnson with an unwanted war on his hands. Even if Americans are a bit disgruntled with the endless battles in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, President Obama’s no quitter.

Besides, Hillary may take the job that Roger Ailes of Fox News is offering her.

Boy, wouldn’t that be a bold finger to her former pals in the DNC if she went to work for Fox?!

“Take that for abandoning me in 2008!”

Hillary’s Left but not a Radical Left like Obama. By contrast to Obama, she could be sold to America as almost palatable.

That would be something: Sarah v. Hillary!

“Sarah hasn’t even announced a run for the Presidency, Michael!”

She will.

“You’re sure of that?”



If she doesn’t run, she will never know whether she was right or not to run alongside John McCain in 2008. She’s a born competitor and to not run would mean she’s not really Mamma Grizzly. That would be an impossible reality for her to live with.

“What if they change her image to Mamma Fox?!”

Sarah doesn’t hide like a fox in a hole. She’s right through the front door. Without running? She would no longer be Sarah Palin. Besides, she’s still too young to play the wizened duenna to the Republican Party, merely advising them on political strategy. She’s a player.

She can win for sure.

She can win!

“I beg your pardon!!”

America is, as they say, “on” to the slick exterior of Barack Obama. Sarah is even beyond a breath of fresh air to the rancid, smelly corruptions going on in both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

I don’t see how the Republican Party can live without her!

I don’t see how America can survive without her!!

“And if she doesn’t run?”

Obama will be reelected. He’s the new Jimmy Carter and without a Ronald Reagan Carter would have been back in office.

“So Palin is the new Reagan?”

Better than a new Reagan. She’s the complete symbol of pro-life. Nothing less will put the United States back on track. She doesn’t talk pro-life. She and Trig are the very meaning of pro-life.

In the same way, she doesn’t talk the renewal of basic American values. She is America.

Are Americans really as “stupid” as Bill Maher says they are?

If so, then they all must, at heart, be as “stupid” as the elitist press of both the Republican and Democratic Parties say Sarah Palin is.

If the “stupid” American people see enough of themselves in Sarah Palin, they will, indeed, put her into office.

Ms. Palin is here! She’s the profoundest of quintessentially American realities! To not elect her is for America to sell not only herself out but the rest of the world as well.

To not elect her is to not know America’s greatest enemy and that enemy can be summed up in two words: the Obama Nation.

Lincoln predicted that America would not be destroyed by a foreign power. If she dies, it will be by suicide.

Sarah is the only life raft America has right now. Any other candidate for the Republican Party, Romney in particular, will eventually be in the back room cutting deals with a virulently Progressive Democratic Party, a radically Leftist’s poison that has, with Obama, proven its own promise: “the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.”

After four years of Obama, the Dr. Jeckyll of America has already become Mr. Hyde. This radical experiment with a known Marxist in the Presidency?


Ms. Palin has said she will announce in the near future.

Should she even announce her withdrawal, I trust these words and those of others might help her to reconsider.

Sarah Palin is America.

America at her most beautiful, her most honest, her most simply eloquent and her most resilient.

Resilience is what America needs now.

Without Sarah Palin as President, America cannot bounce back.

Many might call a President Palin “bold medicine”.

With America on the edge of suicide, Sarah Palin is the “shock treatment” needed by the entirely moribund, self-defeated and suicidally depressed world.

The human race must either be pro-life or pro-death. Those “enlightened despots” who think otherwise and are certain we can “split hairs” into whole crops of Progressive New World Order Thinking?

Into the very, bipartisan Progressive Mess that America finds herself in now?

Again I say, it is the subtlest form of suicide.

Neo-Soviet Russia, Red China and Radical Islam are just waiting for the American people to make that same mistake again.

Don’t make them happy.

Elect Sarah Palin as President of the United States.


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