Coulter Rules 'Real Time'; Why Doesn't She Have Her Own Show?

Anyone who caught “Real Time” this past weekend got to enjoy some great television. Much like the boss (and much unlike your average buttoned-up conservative), Ann Coulter thrives in a political environment where there’s an emphasis on entertainment, humor, and thinking on your feet. If you’ve read her books or seen enough of her speeches and media appearances, you know she’s easily funnier than you average Hollywood or New York “comedian.”

Credit where it’s due, as usual, to Maher and co. for having her on. “Real Time” continues to be the only liberal-leaning late-night current events/comedy show eager to engage articulate conservative commentators.

Here are some highlights, starting with Coulter telling MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that his mother, who has a government job, “is a drain on society”:

Next is a long chunk of the round-table discussion where Maher and Coulter’s sardonic repartee takes center-stage. This is an act they could take on the road (UPDATE: Apparently they have):

And finally, Coulter smacks down Maher saying she only talks to rubes when she’s on his show:

Very witty, as usual.

According to Wikipedia, Jon Stewart currently has about 15 writers working for him to produce the 22-minute “Daily Show” four nights per week. Watching these clips makes you wonder what Ann Coulter could do with her own show and a team of conservative comedy writers.

She’s written eight(!!!) best-sellers; there is an audience already built in. And if you think Coulter is too controversial or too much of a rabble-rouser to carry her own show, Bill Maher himself likened GOP thinking to the Casey Anthony jury that very show. How’s that for rabble-rousing?

The fact that an Ann Coulter show has never been tried is all you need to know about liberal-bias in Hollywood.


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