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'Summer of Love' Legacy Lives On


And so the summer of love has become a winter with hobos.

I speak of Berkeley, where a spring forum was held by the chamber of commerce to discuss a sit-lie ordinance – which would ban sitting or lying on sidewalks within commercial districts during work hours.

It was based on a similar ordinance in San Francisco – but word got out, protests erupted, and everyone ran scared.

See, the ordinance would have cleared the streets of dirtbags like me who clog sidewalks with aggressive panhandling.

But now, because protests scared off it’s proponents, fearful students will now flock to safer places, rather than risk getting assaulted by meth-heads.

And so here’s what happens when tolerance triumphs over safety. The end result is filth and lawlessness.

And the rest of us flee.

A survey of 1800 students found that half avoid downtown Berkeley because its dirty and dangerous. And women are especially fearful – perhaps because some creepy dudes want more than change.

But shouldn’t it bug the left that the most progressive people on the planet are willing to sacrifice the safety of its city’s female students – all to save face at their poetry readings?

Probably not.

They’d rather put co-eds at risk, than their reputations as open-minded libs.

So as another progressive Utopia is realized, let us all thank the summer of love – by romanticizing squalor and condemning order – it leaves you with a filthy town and no one to clean it.


Ann Coulter

Jesse Joyce

Matt McCall


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