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Director Jonathan Demme Films 'Occupy Wall Street' So We Can Laugh At Them


Look, Ma! No job! No self respect! No hygiene! No purpose! No direction! No sense of duty or personal responsibility!

The stench of self-involved narcissism is everywhere in Demme’s unintentionally hilarious video. How in the world does a country as great as this one breed such a pathetic bunch of self-important freeloaders? Contrast these losers to the young men and women who serve in our military, and only then can you get a sense of how badly they all need a boot in the backside.

Academy Award-winning director (‘Silence of the Lambs’) Jonathan Demme filmed this video, and his hilarious thoughts on the oxygen thieves known as Occupy Wall Street are quoted below.

And yes, it is all about re-electing Barack Obama.


Via DHD:

I’m from the hippie generation, I came aware in that age of protests and demonstrations,” he said. “These young people are living that sense of potential change, and when you go downtown to see it, it’s such an oxygenated atmosphere that it’s thrilling. Many people dump on Barack Obama, they say once he got in office he didn’t do anything. But neither did we, the people who supported him and then went off and lived our lives. The only voice that has been in his face has been the Tea Party and I promise you, if Occupy Wall Street had taken root when the president was elected, we’d be living in a different country by now. This is a voice that cannot be ignored, and it is fantastic that young people are spearheading it. They turned out and helped get Obama elected, they evaporated after, but here they are and they are passionate. These kids are deep in student loan debt, trusting there would be positions for them, and either they can’t get jobs or they’ve been laid off. There is justifiable outrage.

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