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Report: Actor Alec Baldwin Removed From Plane at LAX *UPDATED* 'Abusive to Attendant'


**UPDATE: Another Twitter source claims Baldwin “is getting kicked off of AA flight as I tweet this!”

**UPDATE II: The New York Post reports that Baldwin refused to turn off his phone.

**UPDATE III: Grant Cardone tweets: Baldwin was “Abusive to attendant is what I was told by AA authority.”

**UPDATE IV: “It’s unclear if Baldwin was removed from the plane or left voluntarily — but he DID get off the plane and was moved to another flight.”

**UPDATE V: Baldwin tweets he’s on another flight and mocks intelligence of flight attendant from previous flight.

**UPDATE VI: American Airlines tweets Alec Baldwin that they are “looking into this.”

**UPDATE VII: American Airlines refuses to comment:

We’re sorry but owing to privacy concerns regarding our customers, we don’t comment on something that might or might not have happened.

UPDATE VII: FAA may investigate if complaint filed.

On an unverified Twitter account, Michael J. Wolf, former COO of MTV (among other things), posted the following:


The key words in that tweet would be “removed” and “had to go back to the gate.”

On his own verified Twitter account, just a few minutes later, the actor didn’t verify his removal from the plane but did lash out at a member of the 99%, an American Airlines flight attendant:


Big Hollywood contacted American Airlines and we are awaiting a call back from their public relations department.


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