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Carolla's OWS Rant Draws Warning from Media Scribes


A gaggle of conservative sites, including Big Hollywood, rallied around Adam Carolla’s recent anti-Occupy Wall Street rant. The clip went viral, with media personalities like Glenn Beck embracing Carolla’s targeted rage.

Now, the podcast king is opening up about the media’s reaction to clip, and what happens whenever Carolla dares to take a position to the right of center.

Adam Carolla

The following is from the Dec. 6 episode of “The Adam Carolla Show”

I was doing an interview with this chick from Sacramento, and she was like, “aren’t you worried about the stigma of Glenn Beck?” I get this a lot … “aren’t you worried about being associated with the right?”

I said, “how come when Alec Baldwin announces we’re good buddies no one interviews me and says, ‘aren’t you worried about being connected to the left?’ That doesn’t exist.” She’s like, “well … well …”

The reason you’re asking that is because the media is slanting toward the left, and you all think that way … you can’t help the way you think.

If I go, “me and Alec Baldwin are good buddies, and we hang out,” you go, “cool.” If somebody says, “Glenn Beck was calling you a genius the other day,” you go, “oooh, aren’t you worried?”

I’ve been asked, “am I worried about being connected with right wing whatever” a thousand times. No media members have ever asked me about being too left wing when I talk about pot, abortion and gay marriage … that’s a little clue about the universe that they’re living in.”


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