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Your Obama Apologist of the Day: Mary J. Blige (And Piers Morgan, Too)


Singer Mary J. Blige wants President Barack Obama to have “another chance,” as if being Commander in Chief comes with a do-over card.

Blige, chatting with CNN talker Piers Morgan earlier this week, discussed her music career before the conversation steered toward politics. Somehow, Morgan makes sure that happens an awful lot, and given his sorry ratings you’d think he’d try something different.

[youtube ljFNv0W2DhQ nolink]

Asked if she’s impressed with Obama’s performance so far, Blige said that, given “the mess that was thrown on him,” he is “dealing with it pretty good.”

“Do you think he’s capable of great things?” asked Morgan.

“I believe he’s capable of doing — of having another chance,” she said .”… He was given such a big pile of — here, take that, clean that up. One, you just can’t do that in one shot. And I think we have to ride and respect and support him, because that’s a lot.”

When did “hope and change” become “I need at least eight years to get anything done?”

Perhaps the most interesting part of the conversation deals with the host, not the guest. Morgan’s tee-up question for Blige reveals his staggering bias as well as his propensity to apologize for Obama all by himself.

“Do you think if given another chance, if he’s re-elected, he could do perhaps what he wanted to do from the start but has been restricted from doing?”

Restricted? He was handed both houses of Congress and a supine media … who was stopping him from doing what he wanted to do?


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