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Writers Guild Loves Occupy Wall Street … Until It Starts Interrupting TV Show Productions


The Writers Guild of America-East is trying to reason with the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

Let’s see how that works out.

The WGA hearts the scruffy protesters, but the guild’s Eastern branch got into a snit after OWS members shut down the filming of a new “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” episode dealing with the hard-left movement.

So the guild took paper to pen, as it is wont to do, and asked that future protesters refrain from such activity in the future.

“The demonstrators’ actions were as misguided and inappropriate as the City of New York’s response – revoking ‘Law & Order”s permit for the shoot and directing the dismantling of its set,” the union wrote. “Presumably the protesters and police did not set out to achieve a common end but together they prevented the scene from being filmed and the story from being told.”

The NBC legal drama — the last one standing from the once-thriving “Law & Order” franchise — was scheduled to film on the “Mockupy” Wall Street set early Friday. It was created in downtown Manhattan, near the State Supreme Court building where “L&O” shows have frequently filmed.

Protestors danced, waved flags, poked through the library and kitchen elements of the set and even crawled inside tents, despite objections from people guarding the “L&O” production. One protester carried a sign that said, “We are a movement, not a TV plot.”

You can read the rest of story here.


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