Are You Ready for 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Season Two?


Former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin won’t be on the presidential ticket come 2012, but the self-described Hockey Mom still understands the power of pop culture in politics.

Palin scored a reality show hit earlier this year with “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” The usual suspects slammed the show, but the ratings were strong and viewers got to see a part of the country they likely never saw before. Palin put her ideological views aside, but the message was received all the same. This is a can-do woman who can back up her image as a frontier woman who can handle a crisis.

[youtube _XtbgRSHUdM nolink]

Now, Palin is considering a second season of “Alaska,” according to a new interview with show producer and reality show titan ark Burnett.

Burnett, who produced the first season of the former gov’s reality show, spoke to New York Post’s Page Six and said he’s is in talks with TLC to bring the show “back for a second season next fall.” Palin’s show pulled in the biggest premiere numbers ever for the network when it debuted last year.

The producer told Page Six that season two would shoot this summer and air after the 2012 election. Said Burnett, “By the time we edit it, the election will be over…But I am sure the election would be mentioned [in the show].” He added, “It makes perfect sense, because that is what’s going on. But it would be again Sarah in Alaska, living with Todd and the family and having adventures juxtaposed with doing her Fox News bits and discussing whatever is going on.”


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