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Barack the Vote: MTV Comes to Obama's Rescue with Renewed Youth Vote Push


Keep in mind, MTV does all of this all under the phony shield of being non-partisan. Obviously they’re worried about recent polls showing Obama in trouble with the young and dumb, so they have decided to ride to the rescue:

The cable network has replaced its campaign slogan of almost 20 years for a new one — “Power of 12” — which it hopes will energize today’s disillusioned youth to vote in the upcoming presidential election, the New York Times reports. The “12” signifies the election year, and the “Power” suggests that young people within the 18-to-29-year-old demo have much influence over the 2012 race — if they take action, that is.

According to the Times, MTV’s research revealed that even though youth showed up in droves to champion President Barack Obama last election, they remained cynical about the electoral process.

“They were so passionate,” said MTV president Stephen K. Friedman. “And then they hit this wall of the economy.” He added of the name-switch: “Voting is one step in the process — just one step. The question for this generation is, they’ve got this power, will they exert it?”

Will the right ever truly comprehend the power of popular culture?


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