Ratings: 'SwampPeople' Beats Stewart/Colbert Combined

Ratings: 'SwampPeople' Beats Stewart/Colbert Combined

Thursday night, “The Daily Show,” that high-larious satire program hosted by Jon — New Murrow — Stewart, captured 1.827 million viewers.

His pal Stephen Colbert managed to wrangle 1.371 million viewers. 

That means that these two shows, which the media assure us are populist phenomenons, garnered a total of 3.198 million people … or somewhere around .092% of the American population.

On the other hand, “Swamp People” humiliated them both (combined!), with a total viewership of nearly 5 million.

In even better news, “Swamp People” also beat that other show we’re assured is some kind of phenom, “30 Rock,” which was only able to pull in 3.04 million viewers … or about .089% of the population. 

Don’t you just love being told the truth?

You see, the corrupt entertainment media creates a phony reality around television shows they like. This allows them to make those of us who don’t share their values feel out-numbered and outside the mainstream, even though what they like is watched by less than 1% of the population.

The game is rigged.


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