HBO's 'Veep': Palin Derangement Syndrome Strikes Again

HBO's 'Veep': Palin Derangement Syndrome Strikes Again

A comedy about an inept Vice President. I thought, wow – that could be funny. I’ll bet it’s about Joe Biden, as much time as his foot has been in his mouth these past three years.

But then I tuned in to HBO’s new comedy “Veep” and saw Julia Louis Dreyfus dressed up as … Tina Fey dressed up as … Sarah Palin.

So after suffering through “Veep” I’m yet even more mystified than before by the Left’s obsession with Palin. The only conclusion I can come up with is this: They are so terrified of a Palin candidacy — for anything — that they just can’t let go.

Nevermind that Palin is not running for anything; what’s salient is the mere spectre that she may, at some point in the future, throw her hat back into the political ring. And if the stake is not driven completely through the heart of her political aspirations, there’s still a remotely outside chance Mitt Romney will tag her to run with him this summer.

(Insert a collective feminist shudder here.)

Yet, posed to someone on the Left, this quandary would be met with sarcastic derision and the silly notion dismissed with a smirk. Apparently the notion of anyone taking Palin seriously in terms of power of any sort is so laughable that no clear-thinking intellectual worth his or her salt would ever even consider her as a serious legitimate threat, much less a viable force for political change.

I mean, really – just reflect on her comments that “I can see Russia from my house!” … or “us mama-grizzlies gotto keep our shotguns loaded and ready” … or “I’m just a pig in lipstick anyway!” Oh wait, you say she never said any of those things? Sure she did, I heard her say them! Oh yeah, that was Fey’s Palin.

But the former governor was totally over her head discussing foreign policy and her knowledge of simple world geography was juvenile … and … or at least Julianne Moore didn’t know which end was up in HBO’s “Game Change”… after all, that incisive movie was written by people who had actually talked to people who knew people who said they were acquainted with people who were on the McCain campaign! So you know it had to have happened exactly the way Hollywood liberals said it did, or dreamed it did, or want desperately that you believe it did.

And now Louis-Dreyfus stars in “Veep,” a show about the first female Vice-President … who is a scatter-brained dimwit with no political savvy or self-awareness … so … don’t tell me I don’t know what Palin is all about. I watch HBO!

“Veep” is irreverent, crass, vulgar, profane and, at times, slightly funny. But what is so glaringly obvious is that it is trying so incredibly hard. And not trying so hard to make you laugh … as trying so hard to make you sneer. And more importantly … to equate this Veep with a projected Palin as Vice President.

Oh, the horror-tragedy of a colossal national mistake were we to have elected McCain and Palin! And look how stupid those Republicans were for even having floated her candidacy, much less gone with it. Thank gods they got trounced by The Chosen One and Uncle Joe.

Really, guys – let it go.

Never mind that Palin, having served as a successful Alaska governor, had more executive experience than anyone in that race. But nope … she was attractive, beautiful even … and hence, unintelligent. And it’s the Right who supposedly demeans women?

So why does the Left continue to be so threatened by Palin? Is it because it points out the hypocrisy that she actually represents everything they say they support in a woman? Strong, independent, fiercely loyal, direct, courageous, compassionate, good-humored. She’s a caring mother and a capable executive. She is self-determined and compassionate to the lesser among us. She is clear-thinking and good-natured and loving. And she’s beautiful.

Palin is everything liberals say they love about women. But Palin is a conservative — so they hate her.

And yet, if I merely post a slightly derogatory quote that someone else said about President Obama, people chastise me for spewing “hate.”

Liberal friends delete me as friends on Facebook and unsubscribe from my posts because of all the “hate speech.” And I have to laugh. Once again, I announce my clear intentions: I do not hate. I love liberty, freedom, the Constitution and the common sense principles upon which it was written. And I vigorously oppose anything or anyone who seeks to undermine, abolish, re-write, whittle away or otherwise destroy it.

As a Conservative, what I seek to “conserve” is the United States Constitution and the American way of life that it frames and defines.

Is the Left driven by a love of same? One thing I do agree with HBO about… Julia Louis-Dreyfus would make an absurd Vice President.

Funny, though … like Joe.


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