Low-Rated '30 Rock' Makes Blackface Okay Again

Low-Rated '30 Rock' Makes Blackface Okay Again

I’ve been waiting all day to see how the racially-obsessed members of Obama’s Media Palace Guard would react to last night’s basement-rated “30 Rock,” which broadcast a live episode that included a skit where “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm showed up in an afro wig and blackface playing a Stepin Fetchit-type character.

Much to my non-surprise, the very same media that has turned “food stamps,” “basketball,” and any effective criticism of Obama’s failures into racism seem to be just fine with what we’ve been led to believe for decades is one of the worst kinds of stereotypes out there.

And I say to my “non-surprise,” because liberals get away with doing racist things because they’re, uhm, not racist.

Or something like that.

Bottom line: even though nobody watches “30 Rock,” the media has still made it a trendsetter. So guess what, America … blackface is funny again!

The liberals said so.  (Or, maybe it was Tom Hanks.)



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