Adam Levine Threatens To "Lose My Shit" If Obama Not Re-Elected

Adam Levine Threatens To "Lose My Shit" If Obama Not Re-Elected

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine — whose summer jam “Moves Like Jagger” has done more to erode good taste and sonic discernment than the day Green Day plugged in their first guitar — is unapologetic in his progressivism –which doesn’t  bother me. His occasional anti-conservative outbursts don’t offend me; nay, his devotion to churning out commercial music beds in place of solid tunes offends me more than Levine’s politics, but I digress. This is about his Tweet. 

My initial response, what I asked on Twitter anyway, was if this meant Maroon 5 would cut another album? 

Do you know who will lose control of their bodily functions, thus causing an unintended release of excrement, should Obama win re-election? The economy. The economy has “lost its shit” already with high unemployment and a shrinking job pool. Women have lost theirs by suffering far worse, in terms of unemployment, under this president. One in two college graduates can’t find a job and small business owners are about to “lose their shit” because they’re about to be permanently taxed, so that rates for the student 1%ers can be frozen for a year. The families of Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata have lost theirs in a heinously botched operation called Fast and Furious, which happened on this President’s watch. Families are losing theirs all over, as they watch the cost of groceries climb ever higher due to the increased costs to ship food, brought on by higher energy prices. This President is attempting to force-feed the country an inefficient and more expensive form of energy that’s not ready for prime time and to abandon affordable, easily-produced energy, of which we have ample resources. 

Obama is losing the women, he’s going to lose the youth, he’s losing the narrative, and poll after poll shows this.

You best position yourself over a toilet or find an adult diaper, Mr. Levine, because November will be here before you know it. 


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