MSNBC Panel Slams White House Over Bin Laden Film Leaks

MSNBC Panel Slams White House Over Bin Laden Film Leaks

Normally, I don’t concern myself with MSNBC. They’re openly left and therefore when it comes to policing the media, the least of our problems.

But this is a development:

A MSNBC panel on the show “NOW” discusses a report that the Obama administration leaked information about the bin Laden mission to a movie studio doing a movie on the raid that led to the assassination of the al Qaeda leader. The panel said if former President George W. Bush had done this the reaction would be different. Here are their reactions:

Michael Hastings, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed : This very serious issue is that the Obama administration has engaged in a selectively leaking campaign. When there’s top secret information they want to put out that makes them look good, they are more than happy to roll out the red carpet. When, sort of, the more embarrassing, nefarious top-secret information … they put the stone wall up of bureaucracy. I mean, if it was Cy Hurst saying, ‘I want to do a bin Laden story,’ he would not have had that kind of meeting …

Nicholas Confessore, NYT: If you had seen a S.E.A.L. operator leak details of the operation to a reporter from The New York Times, I’d have to imagine we’d be seeing a prosecution, not e-mails.

Sam Stein: If Bush had done this with 9/11 and brought in a Hollywood producer, conservative filmmaker and say, ‘I want to talk to you about where I was the morning of and how great and grand we were’ — I just think there would have been a popular outcry. And I think if you’re going to be consistent you have to apply those standards to Obama as well.

What Judicial Watch has discovered is apparently so brazen and troubling that even a number of supporters who normally would back Obama on pretty much anything, can’t abide this.

With Rep. Peter King ramping up his inquiries and Judicial Watch still hunting for and ready to drop more documents, Obama could find few friends if this gets going.

And kudos to MSNBC for covering what ABC and NBC are covering up.

RCP has the video.


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