Wayne Brady Would Love to 'Slap the Sh**' Out of Bill Maher

Wayne Brady Would Love to 'Slap the Sh**' Out of Bill Maher

Mainstream media outlets all but ignored Bill Maher when he made the racially charged comment that he wished President Obama was less like Wayne Brady and more like Suge Knight.

Brady didn’t ignore Maher. In fact, the black comedian says he would love to respond to Maher’s comments with force if he could.

“So, that means it’s a diss to Obama to be called me because he wants a brother-brother, or what he perceives. Just because you fuck black hookers, just because you have that particular black experience….

“Now, I’m not saying I’m Billy Badass, but if Bill Maher has his perception of what’s black wrapped up, I would gladly slap the shit out of Bill Maher in the middle of the street, and then I want to see what Bill Maher would do.”

“Now, Bill Maher would call the cops and he would have his lawyer — I’d get sued and lose my house and it’s not worth it for me,” he continued. “But the black man part of me would be so satisfied to slap the shit out of him in front of Cocoa and Ebony and Fox, the three ladies of the night that he has hired … and Fancy, who also happened to be named Tyrique at one point.”


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