'High Noon' Anniversary Casts Shadow Over 'Dark Knight,' Modern Movie Violence

'High Noon' Anniversary Casts Shadow Over 'Dark Knight,' Modern Movie Violence

Tomorrow marks the 60th anniversary of “High Noon,” the Gary Cooper classic of a proud man who stands up to evil no matter the risks. 

The film’s anniversary also lets us reconsider how much movies have changed since 1952, giving us a new vantage point from which to view the recent shooting tragedy in Aurora, Colo.

Forbes.com’s Mary Claire Kendall looks back at Cooper’s cinematic masterpiece and remembers the values which make it stand out even more today than all those years ago.

As High Noon reveals, Hollywood cinema used to be a more emotionally, intellectually and spiritually engaging collective experience, rather than the purely objectified commodity it has largely become today. Of course, what makes film unique is how it marries art with commerce. The drive to make money is naturally expected. But, the point is, film has been degraded to such an extent that it’s essentially become a mere object of commercial gain. Enriching the community seems a distant second….

It’s also undeniable that violence-riddled, special-effects-laden films do not engender an uplifting community experience, which calls for national soul-searching to reverse this troubling trend.


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