'Actor's Studio' Star Lipton: Eastwood Speech Not Funny, Vulgar

'Actor's Studio' Star Lipton: Eastwood Speech Not Funny, Vulgar

James Lipton, host of “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” is known for his softball questions of major film and television stars.

When the time came earlier today to address Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech, Lipton was in a far different frame of mind.

“Last night was not his best performance,” Lipton said Friday on MSNBC. “What he gave to Barack Obama was, well, not the best lines. It was a couple vulgarities.”

Lipton said the improvised speech was disrespectful to the president – and not remotely funny. “The words were put in his mouth. The words were vulgar and, worse, they were disrespectful.” he said. “One of the things about this campaign that has fascinated me is the number of jokes that have gone over like lead balloons. I have never heard quite so many jokes that weren’t really funny. They’re structured like a joke, sound like a joke, you think you’re listening to a joke, except it’s not funny.”


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