Jon Stewart's Attack on Romney So Blatantly False… BuzzFeed Calls Him Out

Jon Stewart's Attack on Romney So Blatantly False… BuzzFeed Calls Him Out

No one works harder to protect Obama than Ben Smith’s BuzzFeed Politics, but the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart was so outrageously misleading and dishonest in an attack on Mitt Romney yesterday that even Ben Smith’s BenSmithers felt compelled to record a protest:

The Daily Show aired footage last week the day after the Republican convention of Mitt Romney speaking to Neil Cavuto on January 29, 2009 about President Obama’s future in the White House. The segment was in a package arguing that Mitt Romney didn’t want President Obama to succeed as President.

Stewart first aired Mitt Romney saying “I wish President Obama had succeed because I want America to succeed.”

“Bull fucking shit,” Stewart said, immediately after airing the remarks.

“You wanted Obama to succeed?” We may not remember that America was never really Mayberry, but we sure as shit can remember to 2009,” he added.

Here’s the video:

Per the usual, the only one spewing the “bull fucking shit” here is the low-rated Jon Stewart. Here’s the full context of Mitt Romney’s remarks:

ROMNEY: Rush is partially right. And — and I’m not going to try and parse words here, but, of course, we don’t want failed policies to succeed. We don’t want a national takeover of our health care system to — to occur. And, so, policies that are bad policies, of course, we don’t want to see them. On the other hand, we want the president to succeed by doing the right thing. We would like the president to succeed by lowering tax rates.

CAVUTO: But what if he succeeds by doing — but what if he succeeds by doing all of his things?

ROMNEY: I think we have proven that doing the wrong things will not be successful for the nation.

It’s quite obvious to anyone with a brain not soaked in Obama Kool-aid that the distinction Romney makes is between Obama succeeding at passing failed policies that won’t work (which, as it turns out, is exactly what happened) and the president succeeding by passing successful policies.

Hey, does anyone remember Jon Stewart’s big Rally to Restore Sanity where the big finale was his smug, sanctimonious  call for civility in America’s political discourse?

Is spewing blatant falsehoods after a good old-fashioned “bull fucking shit” considered civil?

Just curious what the rules are here.


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