Growing Little Patriots Together: How You Can Help Teach Children About America

Growing Little Patriots Together: How You Can Help Teach Children About America

Lately, there has been a lot of focus on the fact that American kids are not learning American history. Unfortunately, doing something about it doesn’t seem to be a top priority. This could explain a lot of the problems America is facing today. We have an electorate that not only doesn’t understand America but doesn’t particularly want to. This has to change if we want America to stay the country that we love, and that’s why I write books for children about America. 

Introducing kids to American history and ideals from a young age gives them a firm foundation in what America (and being American) means. My first book, One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots, took kids through ten American concepts, from one nation under God through ten amendments in the Bill of Rights. It was a nonpartisan primer on America for “little patriots.” 

Unfortunately, not everyone saw it that way. The response to the book was overwhelmingly positive, but other people saw all kinds of nefarious plots at work in my writing. The negative comments were absolutely astounding and really opened my eyes as to what patriotic Americans are up against. If we don’t make a deliberate effort to teach children about our country, who knows what we will be up against in another generation?

It’s been over a year since One Nation Under God came out, and in that time, I’ve been working on the followup. 10 Steps to Freedom: A Little Patriot’s Guide to the American Revolution is now written and will take children through ten key events from the American revolution and the founding of our country that made us free. The book is ready to go to the illustrator, then on to design and printing. 

The first book was funded under more traditional means, but this time around, I decided to give crowd-sourced funding a try. I launched a 30-day Kickstarter project on September 12th and I have been humbled by the support I have received so far. However, Kickstarter funding is all or nothing! If we don’t reach our goal by October 12th, all of the money raised is gone. 

If you need extra incentive, there are cool rewards for backing the project. Based on the level of support, there is everything from having your name listed in the book as a supporter to having yourself (or your child) in an illustration.

I see this as a team effort. We all need to work together to help raise a new generation of Little Patriots. I hope you’ll join me! 


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