Martin Sheen: Conservatives Use 'Fundamental Racism' Against Obama

Martin Sheen: Conservatives Use 'Fundamental Racism' Against Obama

Liberal actor Martin Sheen must be feeling the pressure many of his peers face – how to defend the failing, flailing Obama administration.

Never fear. The former “West Wing” star whipped out his trusty race card and played it like one of those eccentric poker players you see late at night on ESPN 2.

Sheen said the campaign’s racial dog whistles — like Romney’s race-baiting (andfactchecker-disproven) welfare ads — demonstrate a willingness on the right’s part to use prejudice to win votes against the country’s first black president.

The race card isn’t all about pretend dog whistles. Class warfare can be a nice supplement, like getting dealt and face card and a 10 in Blackjack and drawing an ace.

“I don’t think there is anything that Ryan or Romney can do to stop it — neither one of them has a powerful enough commitment to the base. It’s just not who they are. It’s not where they come from. These are white, very, very over-privileged men who have never done the work necessary to embrace leadership. Neither one of them has ever done anything that really forced them to grow or change in a way that would make them a desirable leader.”