Snoop Dogg Posts Reasons to Vote Obama: 'Michelle Got a Fat A**'

Snoop Dogg Posts Reasons to Vote Obama: 'Michelle Got a Fat A**'

Do you hate dancing horses and think Mormons should have more “hoes”? Do you dream of smelling Beyoncé’s neck? Do you insist mitts are something to be worn and not written on a birth certificate? If you said “yes” to any of these items, hip hop icon Snoop Dogg has just the presidential candidate for you.

Former rapper Snoop Dogg/current reggae singer Snoop Lion photographed a list of reasons not to vote for Mitt Romney and to vote for Barack Obama Friday, and it’s a doozy. The list, which he did not write, was posted as a photo to his Instagram and Twitter account.

Reasons “Why I’m not voting for Romney” include observations such as “He a white n***a” and “He always interrupts and talks over people like he’s better than them. B*tch I will beat the sh*t outta you.” The list’s anonymous author finds the former Massachusetts governor unrelatable, primarily due to his middle name and suspicions of racial insensitivity.

On the other hand, Obama comes off as a “mad cool” guy, skilled at basketball and BFFs with important statesmen like Jay-Z. His wife Michelle is gifted in the posterior department, and his choice in cigarette brands is second to none. “We use the same hair clippers,” the author writes, showing Obama truly is a man of the people.

While the list was likely written in jest, it’s an illustration of several larger truths about the election. Obama has largely ignored questions from journalists on foreign policy and the economy in the last month, instead giving interviews to People en Español, “The View,” and anyone with a question about the NFL’s replacement referee controversy. To a degree, Obama is banking this election on the votes of those who would rather see their Commander-in-Chief hobnobbing with celebrities than performing his duties — those with a marginal interest in politics or none at all, inspired by the hipness of their favored politician.

Further, we see one tactic progressive journalists have taken since Obama’s lifeless debate performance Thursday. In a contest of competence, Obama got the tar kicked out of him, so it’s time to pivot back to his likability. Gone is the narrative that he’s running away with the race, that voters think Romney isn’t up to the job. Now we’re back to “other”ing Romney. And who else would lead the charge but BuzzFeed, as McKay Coppins goes to great lengths to illustrate how hard Romney is trying to make himself relatable to voters, whose stubborn hearts are already pledged to the 44th President.

View the photo of the full list below:



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