Graham Stands Up for Republicans in Hollywood

Graham Stands Up for Republicans in Hollywood

For as long as I can remember Liberals in Hollywood had their run of the place. On any set, at any awards show, inside any casting office, at any industry mixer … the loud voices always leaned left.

But things are changing, thanks largely to our current President.

Barack Obama has governed so far left that even some of my lefty friends in Tinseltown are throwing flags-on-the-play. Gone is the excited buzz from four years ago. Democrats talk only about their disgust and hatred for Romney, or Limbaugh or Hannity … or Bush. But oddly, unless it’s to brag about “their guy got bin Laden” … not a word about the Prez. And if Obama is mentioned at all, it’s in muted tones and short, general references. These days a patina of vague embarrassment colors liberal obstinancy in Hollywood. 

I don’t know why they’re surprised – all he’s ever espoused has been neo-socialist rhetoric, anti-imperialism, and Saul-Alinsky-esque diatribes attacking capitalism, traditional American values and supply-side economics. So, nearly four years since taking office, why are so many of them shocked that he actually governed as the ultra-left radical he always swore he was?    
As a former lefty myself, I’m familiar with the left’s propensity to court reality with no real intention to marry.
I, for one, believed Obama. That’s why I never supported him. As an ardent student of history, I’ve seen the ravages that socialism has inflicted upon the world. Hundreds of millions of lives lost needlessly and untold human suffering. The arrogance to think that it wasn’t the system to blame … that socialism could work if the right people were in charge, with the right leadership; then the unwieldy, overstuffed, non-aeronautic abomination could actually fly … and that all it took was good intentions, vague dreams of Utopian hopes and dreams to lift it off … and the physics of economics be damned. It’s beyond comprehension.
So, predictably, President Obama’s policies … all of them … have failed completely. On every score, they fail to do as promised. Rather than uplift and unite, they depress and divide. Rather than stimulate the economy, they slide us deeper into debt, stagnant economic growth and development and slip us deeper into recession. Rather than build up our image globally and foster love and appreciation, they alienate our allies and embolden our enemies and make us not only hated, but disrespected.
At the Emmys recently, host Jimmy Kimmel sniped, “Yeah who here is voting for Romney?” Expecting a groan and a laugh … he was mildly shocked to hear the positive response. It sounded like a third of the people present were cheering. Cheering – for a Republican challenger. At a Hollywood event!
So maybe things are changing in Hollyweird. Maybe not. Stacey Dash, the stunningly beautiful actress from the film “Clueless,” just came out for Romney, and the hateful backlash on Twitter from the H’wood left was instant and horrendously vile and nasty. So much for the ‘open-minded and tolerant’ Left.  
Last week at the Las Vegas Cine Fest, the host of the evening, John BlahblahSomebody, was going on and on, trying to be a comedian and failing miserably… and out of nowhere he threw in a couple snipes at Conservatives, citing Clint Eastwood. And dissing Clint for the ‘chair incident’ at the RNC. A few laughs and groans … as expected … but then this John character said the following, “Aw who cares – Republicans don’t belong in the arts anyway.”
General agreement and laughter.
And I’m loaded for bear. I’m livid … but hey, it’s Hollwood, it’s Vegas, let it go, right?

Well, sir … it seems a movie I was in, called “Dreams Awake,” was up for an award. What the hey, I’ll stick around, see what happens. And wouldn’t ya know… they announce the winner of the ‘Best Feature Film’ award…”Dreams Awake!”

Suddenly, I’m onstage with my co-star, Erin Gray, and Erin is addressing the crowd, thanking the producers and director and what a thrill, etc … and she beckons me to say something. And I lean forward and thank the director for casting me, speak briefly about the wonders of filming a mystical-themed film on Mt. Shasta… and then I pause a beat … and I say the following:

“Listen, I won’t belabor this but … I just want to say I hear Republicans take a lot of crap in this biz, and most of it’s pretty unfounded. I’m a Republican, this film was made by Republicans, and it’s Republicans that keep this country free so that we don’t have to make movies the government tells us we have to make. And John…where are ya…?  John,… Clint Eastwood called and he doesn’t know who you are either!”

The Ooohs and groans and laughs drowned out whatever applause was there as we took our seats and Erin giggled to me, “I can’t believe you said that!”
Afterward I was mostly shunned by the industry crowd … but for a few timid souls who approached and shook my hand, mumbling a quiet, “Thank you. That took guts.”
So I made some more enemies last week, I’m sure … but I also picked up some friends. For doing nothing more than speaking the truth. And it’s not guts … it’s anger. It’s outrage. Our country has been hijacked by a bunch of radical Leftists, who, aided and abetted by the sycophantic liberal media and the Hollywood mainstream, have yanked this country so far to the left, towards socialism … that I barely recognize it anymore.
The words that came out of my mouth in front of that packed audience Saturday night flew out into the microphone before I was even aware what I was saying. Something else took over and I was merely its conduit. For me there never was a closet to come out of. It was just, “Do I care enough about my country to get off my butt, forget what others may think and simply speak out for the truth?”
Saturday night … I’m happy to say I was. I’m on auto-pilot now; I know who I am, what makes America great and I know what’s real and what’s not. Call me a proud knee-jerk patriot. It’s my default setting.  
Now is the time to shout it from the rafters, scream it in the streets – ENOUGH! 
Last chance to save this country. And we are the ones to stand up, be counted, and speak out.
We’re Americans!


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