Universal Denies Theme Park Slams Romney in Swing State Show

Universal Denies Theme Park Slams Romney in Swing State Show

Breitbart News reported earlier today about a theme park show in Orlando, Fla. that doubles as an extended campaign ad for President Barack Obama.

The show in question, part of Universal Orlando Resort’s 2012 Halloween programming, hits the audience with Obama-approved messages while slamming Mitt Romney as being anti-women.

Universal Orlando Resort sent Breitbart News the following statement regarding the “Bill & Ted” program in question:

The Bill and Ted show has been part of Halloween Horror Nights for years. It’s a comedy show that is heavy on pop culture, parody and satire – and none of the personalities or issues we deal with receive glowing treatment. This year’s show contains three-minutes during which actors portraying the candidates engage in a rap song battle. The rest of the 40-minute show pokes at pop culture 2012 – everything from the Mayan Calendar to Honey Boo Boo Child. We’re not sure how anyone could think this particular segment flatters one person over another, but we know people sometimes interpret things their own way.

One extra note: Breitbart News found a Youtube audio clip of the Orlando show in question supporting the report posted at BizPacReview.com and included it with our original article. That clip is no longer available. We have a message into the Universal Orlando Resort press office to see if it requested the video be pulled.

UPDATE: Universal’s press representative says the company was not behind the video’s removal.


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