Washington Post Scrubs Positive Reader Reviews of 'Hating Breitbart'

Washington Post Scrubs Positive Reader Reviews of 'Hating Breitbart'

One of the many joys of the Internet is giving voice to citizen journalists the world over.

When it comes to movie reviews, it means your average ticket buyer can post his or her take on a title alongside the professional critics.

So when The Washington Post’s Mark Jenkins trashed “Hating Breitbart,” the new documentary celebrating the late Andrew Breitbart’s knack for debunking media myths, people who saw the film had their chance to fire back.

For a while, apparently. Several positive reviews for the film are now missing from the site.

Washington Post screen grab

“Hating Breitbart” director Andrew Marcus had been tracking the site to see audience reactions, and he took some screen caps of reviews that are now … gone. Marcus tells Breitbart News he reached out to people via social media to weigh in with their reactions to his film, but he never instructed them what to write nor suggested the reviews be only positive.

He simply wanted feedback.

Breitbart News has a message in to the newspaper’s ombudsman to find out why the reviews are no longer on the site.

Update: Marcus contacted the newspaper to find out more on the situation. The paper responded by saying the movie’s “Showtimes” feature wasn’t up on the site, and when the tech team manually reinstated the feature it erased some reviews. Marcus told Breitbart News that the reviews in question were already missing before the Showtimes returned to the page.


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