Inevitable: 'Simpsons' Attacks Mitt Romney

Inevitable: 'Simpsons' Attacks Mitt Romney

It’s kitchen sink time in liberal Hollywood, and that means the industry is pulling out all the stops to drag President Obama across the finish line.

We’ve already seen “Girls” star Lena Dunham embarrass herself with a “first time” video, and “Avengers” auteur Joss Whedon serve up a “zombie-fied” scare ad.

So it only makes sense that the minds behind “The Simpsons” would cap election season with a clip like this:

The short trots out every tired attack the Left threw at Mitt Romney over the past few months, from concerns over tax returns to “I like to fire people,” a meaningless sound bite taken thoroughly out of context.

It finally settles on Seamus Gate, clearly the most vital issue facing America both today and countless tomorrows. Never mind the many stories of Romney helping others, the tales the media dutifully ignored or failed to pursue in the first place.


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