Matthew Modine: We Can't Be Shackled by 'Archaic' Second Amendment

Matthew Modine: We Can't Be Shackled by 'Archaic' Second Amendment

Actor, activist and “humanist” Matthew Modine says the nation must move past the “archaic” Second Amendment in the current debate over gun violence.

Modine, most recently seen in “The Dark Knight Rises” where his character took up arms against an invading force, used the Huffington Post to trash both the late Charlton Heston and the right to bear arms.

As a nation we cannot be shackled to an archaic Second Amendment which is being shielded by a minority of Americans that demand the right to use weapons that are continually killing citizens across our country. Weapons that are creating blood stains on our national conscience that we may never be able to wash away. The Second Amendment was written so far away from this moment in which we are living. Over the decades, our Constitution has been updated and made more civilized and fair by way of amendments. It’s time to let go of these weapons that cause such massive suffering to our population.

The “Vision Quest” actor clearly must have been covering his ears when Breitbart News’ own Ben Shapiro laid down an eloquent defense for the Second Amendment on CNN recently, one hardly rooted in “archaic” principles.


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