Kelsey Grammer Lost Hundreds of Thousands 'Investing in Windmills'

Kelsey Grammer Lost Hundreds of Thousands 'Investing in Windmills'

Former Frasier star Kelsey Grammer says he has blown through over a hundred thousand dollars investing in windmills.

“You’d think it would be lucrative, but it’s not really a friendly environment for new technology, it really isn’t,” said Grammer.

The star of the acclaimed but short-lived STARZ series Boss says the green energy investment has cost him big bucks. 

“Big wind is doing okay but small wind isn’t and it cost me a lot of money–it’s got six figures.”

Grammer is not alone in experiencing disappointment from the wind industry. The Obama Administration claimed wind would be a big jobs winner, but since 2009, the wind industry has lost 10,000 jobs, even as the energy capacity of wind farms has almost doubled.

Grammer says the windmill cash has blown away for good and will likely not be recouped. 

“I’m okay, but I didn’t make up for it; it’s one of those things that’s just a straight loss.”