Mad Magazine Mocks Obama, NSA Spying

Mad Magazine Mocks Obama, NSA Spying

Most major comedy institutions, particularly Saturday Night Live, have treated President Barack Obama with reverence, not incisive humor.

Jay Leno is that rare exception, with humorists like Stephen Colbert typically leaping to Obama’s defense rather than speaking truth to power.

Mad Magazine jumps into the fray with their latest cover, one that tackles the NSA’s spy games via the institution’s classic warring characters. It’s dubbed the “War on Privacy” issue, and it features President Obama, wearing a sinister trench coat, hugging Mad’s iconic Spy characters.

Mad Magazine is rarely at the forefront of political humor, but through the years the “usual gang of idiots” has taken swings at the Commander in Chief as it sees ft.

The Spy vs. Spy issue goes on sale Aug. 27.


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