Report: 'After Tiller' Doc Decidedly Against Pro-Life Argument

Report: 'After Tiller' Doc Decidedly Against Pro-Life Argument

The upcoming documentary After Tiller introduces audiences to four doctors who perform late-term abortions, the kind of procedure that convinced anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder to kill Dr. George Tiller.

The film, in select theaters Sept. 20, examines the controversial practice in a way that won’t surprise faith-based audiences accustomed to their voices getting short shrift. reviewed the film, summing up the movie’s stance as one-sided as a documentary in the Michael Moore era can be.

After Tiller is openly sympathetic to its subjects, and makes no pretense of engaging with abortion opponents, whose presence in the film is limited to shots of praying protesters and clips of scary speeches in churches and halls of government. In that sense, the film can’t be called balanced.


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