Celebrities Shill for Unpopular, Glitch-Ridden Obamacare on Twitter

Celebrities Shill for Unpopular, Glitch-Ridden Obamacare on Twitter

The hashtag to promote President Barack Obama’s health care legislation is #getcovered, but after several days of nonstop computer glitches within the new system it might as well be #websiteerror.

That isn’t stopping a number of celebrities from shilling on behalf of the flawed, unpopular legislation, including Lady Gaga, Amy Poehler, Olivia Wilde, John Legend, Pearl Jam and Martha Plimpton. Team Obama specifically recruited Hollywood stars, in part, to appeal to young Americans. Hollywood responded with alacrity. The web site Funny or Die even waived its standard fees to produce propaganda-style videos on Obama’s behalf.

Other stars flexed their social media muscles to do the same.

Singer John Legend and Pharrell were joined by actresses Alyssa Milano and Kerry Washington were among entertainers reaching out to young adults to spark their interest in the new subsidized health plans. Lady Gaga, Olivia Wilde and Amy Poehler went one step further and held hand-made signs with the hashtag #GetCovered in an attempt to urge others to sign up for the plan. 

The legislation essentially requires young, healthy people sign up for its insurance plans in order to balance the costs associated with the needs of older Americans.