'Star Trek' Actor Labels All Gun Owners 'Dangerous'

'Star Trek' Actor Labels All Gun Owners 'Dangerous'

Brent Spiner, best known for playing the inquisitive robot Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation, apparently doesn’t think the Second Amendment matters any more.

Nor does Spiner look on gun owners with much respect.

The actor lashed out at those who legally own firearms with a series of tweets that cast aspersion on anyone who dares own a gun. Here’s a sampling of his recent twitter messages on the subject of guns:

RT @tonybalogna: He just thinks all gun owners dangerous by default.–I believe anyone with a gun in their hand is dangerous. My opinion.

RT @DevonMScott: I’ll second you on no more shootings. As for no more guns… –if you’re not going to shoot them, why do you need them?

So…read my Twitter feed. Which one of these “good guys”, and there are many, would you feel comfortable with them owning a gun? Or safe?


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