Sundance Channel Prepping NRA Drama 'Cold Dead Hands'

Sundance Channel Prepping NRA Drama 'Cold Dead Hands'

The Sundance Channel, an off shoot of liberal actor Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival, is making a new drama centered around a powerful NRA president.

The production, to be called Cold Dead Hands after a famous speech given by Second Amendment supporter Charlton Heston, vows to look at both sides of the gun issue.

The project, written and executive produced by Los Angeles Times journalist and fiction writer Scott Gold (whose credits include the CBS drama “Under the Dome”), will focus on Trip Thibodeaux, the fictional and polarizing head of the NRA. A father and husband, Thibodeaux also happens to be the nation’s most powerful gun-rights advocate and a de facto CEO of the gun industry. Thibodeaux will be forced to navigate a volatile landscape in American culture and politics, as well as crises of his own faith, when his rarefied world spirals out of control.

Producer Tony Krantz assured potential viewers the show won’t be a pro-gun control hit piece on the NRA.

The debate over gun violence and gun rights has many sides, and in order to help protect lives, promote gun safety and build a national consensus on the issues, we want to respect and understand all sides of this story,” Krantz said.


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