Box Office Predictions: 'Lone Survivor' Strong, Will Shock Industry

Box Office Predictions: 'Lone Survivor' Strong, Will Shock Industry

Turns out Sensei was right about Hunger Games: Catching Fire becoming last year’s highest grosser (even over Iron Man 3). Nice call, and with a new year comes new predictions.

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results are as follows:

1. Lone Survivor ($24 million) – Easy win. Easy call. Looking to seize some Zero Dark Thirty-like box office momentum, this Mark Wahlberg drama opens in similar fashion. In truth, this film was one of the month’s strongest entries to begin with. Look for many in Hollywood to be shocked with this result. Sensei wishes the film industry would make more easy money-makers like these.

2. Frozen ($13 million)– Sorry naysayers, the reason Walt Disney doesn’t go political with its brand is they make too much money with it. This film soared over the holidays and recently broke the 300 million domestic mark. It is also now 2013’s fourth highest grossing film (behind only Despicable Me 2, Iron Man 3, and Hunger Games: Catching Fire).

3. The Wolf Of Wall Street ($9 million) – A good, but not great, opening over the holidays. Film has numerous problems–the first being its length (3 hours) and the second being audience buzz calling the film “pretty overwhelming” and not in a good way. The film also carries a 100 million dollar price tag. Film will need to make up some serious business to salvage itself.

4. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug ($8 million) – Film easily broke the 750 million mark worldwide. A billion is easily within reach.

5. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones ($7.2 million) – A decent start for this horror film last week, but like most horror vehicles, expect that huge drop its second weekend.

In other calls:

Her will do very well off its expansion. Look for around a 7 million gross. Don’t expect much from The Legend Of Hercules, which is staring at around a 5 million start.

Those are Sensei’s calls. Happy New Year.