The Wrap: Time to 'Shun' Woody Allen Following Dylan Farrow's Open Letter

The Wrap: Time to 'Shun' Woody Allen Following Dylan Farrow's Open Letter, a prominent web site covering the entertainment industry, published a scathing op-ed today calling for people to “shun” director Woody Allen in light of allegations he sexually molested then-7-year-old Dylan Farrow.

Richard Stellar, who admits to loving Allen’s films, says he cannot in good faith watch another movie from the celebrated director again.

A seven-year-old child’s innocence and life force was murdered by Woody, again allegedly, and we respond to that with more adulation and awards for a great filmmaker, and a twisted, decrepit human being….  Justice will come on the wings of revenge, and hopefully the industry will shun Woody and drive him further into his own isolated psyche that has become an odd trademark of his public persona and work.

Stellar says the open letter published in The New York Times will have an immediate, negative impact on Allen’s latest film, Blue Jasmine. The dark comedy is up for three major Oscars, including Best Actress for Cate Blanchett.

The revulsion elicited by Dylan Farrow’s darkly detailed assertions will not play well in the hearts and minds of those who can vote anonymously. In this case anonymity will be the fuel for realization, much like alcohol inspires blunt honesty.

The author admits he, like many in Hollywood, gave Allen’s film work priority in the past when considering such charges. No longer.

It’s time to shun Woody Allen. When you look the other way at the dark side of genius, you become culpable in the crime.


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