VP Joe Biden to Push ObamaCare on 'The View,' 'Late Night'

VP Joe Biden to Push ObamaCare on 'The View,' 'Late Night'

Both The View and Late Night with Seth Meyers will get a chance next week to show viewers they are more than just fluffy chat shows.

Vice President Joe Biden will be hitting the talk show circuit to drum up support for the troubled ObamaCare legislation on both programs starting Monday.

First up is Late Night, where Biden will help former Saturday Night Live star Meyers christen his new show. The following morning, viewers will see Biden sharing a long couch with Barbara Walters and the rest of the View crew.

Talk shows aren’t expected to be as hard-hitting as a nightly news program, but inviting noteworthy guests to appear on a program calls for a few tough but fair questions. Will either show ask any?

The View’s liberal bent has been obvious for some time. Consider how co-host Whoopi Goldberg moaned over a few conservative women guests earlier this month.

As for Meyers, his SNL tenure coincided with President Barack Obama’s presidency, and the sketch show clearly pulled its punches when it came time for presidential humor.

Meyers deserves more slack if he pitches softballs to the vice president. It’s the comedian’s first solo outing, and the last thing he wants to do is make a guest uncomfortable. The View, on the other hand, should give voice to the millions of women negatively impacted by ObamaCare.