Box Office Predictions: 'Son Of God' Set for Major Box Office Upset

Box Office Predictions: 'Son Of God' Set for Major Box Office Upset

This week, it’s a three-way race at the top in what’s easily the year’s closest match-up. Let’s get right to the weekend’s intriguing openers.

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results are as follows:

1. Son Of God ($25 million) – Film has been building momentum for months, and when you nearly double your tracking in a week, makes it hard to bet against it. It was 10 years ago at this time that The Passion Of The Christ posted one of the most shocking openings in film history ($83 million). Be prepared. Anything can happen.

2. Non-Stop ($24 million)– Liam Neeson is one of our most reliable action stars, but the Flightplan-like concept (crisis on a plane) can only take you so far. Flightplan opened to around $24 million, that will be our ballpark here. 

3. The Lego Movie ($22 million)– Close, close, close. One bump from the kiddie crowd this weekend could send this film to four consecutive weekends at the top. While that feat is impressive, it’s also impressive to have three films gross over $20 million in the same weekend. Especially this time of year.

4. Three Days To Kill ($6 million) – Nailed this call last week. Film posted a soliddomestic start for an action film, which under producer Luc Besson, will mainly look to international grosses anyway. This film’s $28 million production budget looks very reachable.

5. Pompeii ($5 million)– Sadly, Game Of Thrones fans did not turn out for this one last week. In what amounts to a huge missed opportunity for star Kit Harrington, film posted only a standard start (film is going to need some strong overseas box office grosses). For a film not built around major stars, it’s not time to hit the panic button — yet.

In other calls:

Don’t expect much from the re-edited/salvage operation Anchorman 2 cut. Film is only looking at a $2-3 million gross, and that’s being generous.

Those are Sensei’s calls. Have a great weekend.