Sarah Palin Tells CPAC 'We Won' 'Duck Dynasty' Culture War Battle

Sarah Palin Tells CPAC 'We Won' 'Duck Dynasty' Culture War Battle

Former Gov. Sarah Palin looked back at the battle over Duck Dynasty this weekend and had a simple message for CPAC attendees–we won.

Palin closed out the conservative conference Saturday with another speech full of red meat for red state Americans. The Tea Party favorite wowed the crowd with her folksy, no-nonsense points, including what happened when a “devout Christian” expressed his faith to a magazine reporter.

Here’s Phil, he’s talking about faith, with a reporter from GQ – first mistake,” Palin commented to laughter. “But in between saying that he loves humanity, he loves all us sinners and – leave it to God to judge – well, he quoted the Bible, and he got colorful in expressing his opinion.

“So what did that brilliant TV network do?” she went on. “They fired him. They canned the devout Christian for expressing his devout Christian views on a television show about his devout Christian family.”

But Robertson, as Palin pointed out, was reinstated to the network hit a week later. She credited “people all over America” – not just “the wingers and clingers” – for having “pushed back – and we won.