'Transformers 4' Trailer Loves America, Especially Texas

'Transformers 4' Trailer Loves America, Especially Texas

Michael Bay’s movies have always rubbed against the grain of left-wing Hollywood. On top of being massively successful, Bay’s love of country and most especially the American military is a subtle and not-so-subtle theme that runs through many of his blockbusters.

It doesn’t look as though the Shia LaBeouf-less “Transformers 4” is any different. There’s a wonderful line about messing with Texas and after six I lost count of the number of shots of the Stars and Stripes found in this short trailer.

Imagine Hollywood aiming a film at a demographic known as the Heartland of America — making the hero of the film someone from one of the most populous states in the country.

What a concept.

P.S. I officially forgive Mark Wahlberg fro making the left-wing piece of crap “Shooter.” We’re good now. Let’s just let it go.


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