'Frozen' Star Kristen Bell Latest Celeb Begging to Pay Higher Taxes

'Frozen' Star Kristen Bell Latest Celeb Begging to Pay Higher Taxes

Frozen actress Kristen Bell has become the latest celebrity to claim she does not pay enough to the beloved government.

Joining Will Smith, Stephen King, and others in recent years who have proclaimed they want higher taxes, Bell displayed her willingness to expend more of her cash to our monolithic government. One thing we can show; she has experience in dictating how other people spend their own money.

First, on Twitter she commented about a Salon article covering a GOP ad campaign and spouted her tax policy position:

This has become a tiresome routine, the hollow declaration of fiscal selflessness. Sure, it sounds noble to make this stand, but ultimately it is an empty gesture. The first and obvious response is a simple, “Why have you not paid more already?” Not only would the government love to see more of your cash, Kristen, they make it possible for you to contribute.

I would prefer before any celebrity spouts off about a willingness to pony up a larger portion of their residuals they first provide a receipt from the treasury department that documents their largesse. But as we know this is empty posturing.

Bell is simply displaying her support for the current administration and suggesting we join in to prop it up. She has no track record on this position, never having made this generous statement when she was on television during the Bush years. But this willful ignorance goes further.

After the disastrous and wasteful display we have seen from the government, especially the past few years, why would anyone think their money goes toward a worthwhile entity?

We only need to look at the ObamaCare disaster to see evidence. The main ObamaCare Web site was budgeted to cost less than $100 million; ultimately that figure exploded to $600 million, and the site was a non-operational failure. This is the government Bell wants to reward with more of her money.

However another sector of the economy is one Bell could focus upon to get her desired result. She could address many fellow stars who follow the common practice of having their expansive real estate holding classified with agricultural set asides, exempting them from paying higher property taxes.

Instead of raising everyone’s rate she should lobby just for them to pay a fair share. That’s one area where existing tax laws would suffice.

But that would assume she has deeper grasp on how our economy operates. When other Twitter users, including celebrities like Nick Searcy, Adam Baldwin and Ken Wahl, challenged Bell’s taxation stance her response indicated when it comes to economics she is rather challenged:

Her claim that easing the tax burden on the wealthy would somehow become fatal to the middle class is confounding. Moreover, at this very moment the titans in Hollywood are contradicting Bell’s claim, as they are begging the state of California for wide tax relief in order to preserve the numerous middle class jobs that have fled her state.

What this comes down to is Bell becoming very generous with other people’s money. After all, it is something with which she has a working knowledge. Her latest film, Veronica Mars, is the cinematic adaptation of her cult television show.

This self-proclaimed rich person did not back the film herself. Instead, the Mars team relied on others to fund the project via Kickstarter. So maybe before sending your money over to Bell’s heroes in Washington check in with her first; she may need a little for her next gig.


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